Supplementary Ticket - Labyrinth (Experience & Follow the Full Path)

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Supplementary Ticket - Labyrinth (Experience & Follow the Full Path)

Regular price €4,80

All Standard Admission tickets include access to the Labyrinth's Middle Tower.

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Valsanzibio’s centuries-old boxwood labyrinth is considered one of, if not the oldest plant labyrinth still in existence in the world. In order to help preserve this extremely delicate 400-year-old-year Labyrinth, and to access and experience its full path an additional ticket is required. This supplementary ticket is valid for one adult (individuals aged over 14), for one entrance to the Labyrinth’s Full Path at the opening times advised (see below for detail).

NOTE: Children aged 14 or under visiting the garden using a Standard Admission ticket (€ 7,0, click here to purchase) do not require a supplementary ticket to access the Labyrinth's Full Path. They must, however, be accompanied by an adult in possession of a supplementary ticket (at least one accompanying adult required for every three children).

This supplementary ticket cannot be purchased by itself as it does not provide access to the main garden. Please purchase Standard Admission tickets for children and adults here.

Labyrinth Full Path Hours:
Saturday, Sunday, Holidays | 11:00/11:30 to 13:00 &  14:30/15:00 until 60 minutes prior to the garden's closure
Monday – Friday | As per above, by reservation at the ticket counter at the main garden entrance

The price advised includes a 0.80€ booking fee

Please note: It is not possible to purchase tickets online to visit our garden the same day. For same day visits, tickets can be purchased (without a reservation) at our ticket office at the garden entrance - for information please call +39 340 0825844.